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About Tom Curtis Brokerage, Inc.
“Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you”

In 1987, after spending several years as the owner of a successful retail/wholesale produce operation in Easton, Pennsylvania, Tom Curtis took his entrepreneurial spirit to Philadelphia, where he hung his shingle out as a produce broker at the Philadelphia Regional Produce Terminal Market. Initially operating as a Sole Proprietor, Tom’s vast knowledge about the produce industry and expertise in superior customer service allowed him to expand the business rapidly, attracting and retaining many regional wholesale clients. As the business grew, and a support staff was put in place, Tom incorporated in 1993 and has operated as Tom Curtis Brokerage, Inc. ever since.

Today, Tom Curtis Brokerage, Inc. services many clients along the Eastern Seaboard, in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Central Pennsylvania, and the Baltimore-Washington D.C. markets. With a fully trained and knowledgeable sales staff, Tom Curtis Brokerage, Inc. procures the finest produce available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. Specialty imports are also made available as the need arises.

A diverse customer base keeps the sales engine at full speed, as this produce brokerage is able to satisfy everyone from the small, local wholesaler who wants to buy a few skids a week, to the large regional and national client who buy daily by the truckload. A strong point here is that Tom Curtis Brokerage, inc. is both a selling broker and a buying broker, taking title to millions of dollars worth of produce for resale annually. Credit-worthiness is substantiated by The Blue Book credit rating of 200 XXXA, which helps to give muscle to strategic alliances with both growers and transportation companies, alike. Negotiating favorable, competitive market pricing is second only to providing top quality produce for every customer, large or small. Perhaps that is why our motto has always been that “we’re big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.”

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